Ostentor-Kino – a movie theater gem in the east

20170205_112228_resizedPutting up every single letter to announce the program, selling sweets in a small kiosk at the entrance, a school bell to announce the beginning of the film…

The Ostentor-Kino is something for fans of “traditional movie theaters” – you know what I mean?

The program consists of arthouse movies that often don’t make it to the big cinemas. They also regularly show films in the original language (which is often English – yeah;) ).

It’s all the little things that, at least for me, make the Ostentor-Kino a true gem. I mean, they even have pillows so that small people (like me) can sit a little higher and see everything. Isn’t that nice?

After the movie, you can go for a beer in the bar right next door. And in the summer, I advise you to grab a drink at their kiosk and take it for a walk down to the Danube which is just two minutes away (leave the cinema and turn left. Then just before the bridge, take another left – there you are).

Adolf-Schmetzer-Straße 5
93055 Regensburg

Find more information at their homepage.


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