Dreifaltigkeitsberg – what a view!

dreifaltigkeitsberg-1Every time I visit a new city, I’m always searching for a place from where you can see the town from above. In Regensburg, you can get a stunning view on the Dreifaltigkeitsberg.

You will have to walk a bit (from the Old Stone Bridge about 15-20 minutes) but it’s really worth it. To get there, you cross the entire Danube via the Old Stone Bridge, go through Stadtamhof and there, you go over another bridge crossing the ship canal. From there you will already see a small church on a hill – that’s where we are heading.

After you crossed the ship canal, you will reach a crossroads. Cross it straight ahead and go on. Then take a left into Schwandorfer Straße. Follow that street until to your right, stairs will lead you up to the hill (Dreifaltigkeitsbergsweg).

When you reach the church, take a deep breath and enjoy the view of the beautiful old town with all its towers.



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