Das Degginger – discover the hipster in you

deggingerThe rooms in which we find the Degginger used to be a furniture store selling all kinds of expensive indoor decoration. Today, you will no longer see much of that there because Degginger gives its best to be the opposite. Handmade decoration, art, old tables and chairs from the university in the café and bar.

Yes, it is a hipster thing. But to be honest: doesn’t everyone of use enjoy that kind of flair from time to time? And the good news is: a beard is not obligatory to get inside 😉

So what can you expect? The Degginger is a hot spot for the young and creative. Every Saturday, it’s “Swinging Coffee”-time with live music. During the week, it’s a co-working space, there are meet-ups for different project groups, exhibitions, cocktail-events in the evening… you name it. In any case, it’s worth a visit.

Das Degginger
Wahlenstraße 17
93047 Regensburg

Find the Degginger on facebook for more information.


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