The Public Bookcase – in an Old Phone Booth

bucher-telefonzelleWhen traveling, I enjoy reading books – a lot! Like reading several books in a row. The negative side of it: a heavy bag. So instead of carrying several books with me, I chose one and look for opportunities to trade it into a new one once I have finished it. If you just recognized yourself, you will love the public bookcase in Regensburg.

You will find it in an old phone booth on the Danube Island of Stadtamhof in front of the Andreasstadel (on the Danube-Side). The system of the public bookcase is easy: people can put books they no longer need inside and take a new one in return – ideally. Of course, you can also just put one in or just take one out.

Besides the fact that I personally love the concept of sharing, I would also say that the phone booth bookcase can be considered as a hidden sight. It was a project of students and they created something useful and artistic at the same time. The phone booth, which otherwise would soon disappear in our smartphone world, has been given a second life. And this particular phone booth has also been turned into a piece of art by street artists. A classic win-win situation.

The phone booth is situated between the Danube (cross it via Grieser Steg) and Andreasstadel (Andreasstraße 28, 93059 Regensburg).


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