Face to Face with St.Peter – on the Roof of Galeria Kaufhof

kaufhof-roofAt first, this might not sound very fancy – the café of a department store… I know, I know. But since it is very rare in Regensburg to have a roof to get on top of (hey there, old town), this actually is a thing.

Not only will you be almost face to face with the big cathedral of St. Peter and with the church of Neupfarrplatz. It is also an almost guaranteed sunny spot for a coffee which can sometimes be a bit hard to find in the small streets of Regensburg.

Visiting the roof is for free but only possible during the opening hours of Galeria Kaufhof (mo-sa from 09.00 am to 20.00 pm). Of course you can buy something to drink or to eat at the café and take it outside. But if you just want to stop by there and take in the rooftop view, it’s also perfectly fine.

To get there, just go inside Galeria Kaufhof and take the escalator all the way up. When you have reached the top, just turn right and – there you are!

Galeria Kaufhof Regensburg
Neupfarrplatz 8
93047 Regensburg



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