Alte Filmbühne – drinks, dancing and table football

filmbuhne1The name might be a bit confusing: Alte Filmbühne is not a movie theatre but a bar close to the old stone bridge. And you should not confound it with Neue Filmbühne, a restaurant/café/bar at the Bismarckplatz!

Opening the doors around 9 pm, it’s highly frequented by students and young folks. Alte Filmbühne is basically one big room with an indoor balustrade. You can choose if you want to be among the crowd downstairs or observe everything from above.

The later, the fuller the bar. The drinks are good, the lights are low, the beats are up and get you ready to dive into the night. Besides drinking and dancing, you can also play on a football table – which is even funnier when combined with drinking and dancing. Give it a try.

Alte Filmbühne
Taubengäßchen 2
93047 Regensburg

Find more information on their facebook page.


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