Garbo – Mix and Match Movies in the Old Town

garbo-kino2I know – another cinema? But this one too, is, just like the Ostentor-Kino, a classic when it comes to old school movie theatres. It is actually the oldest movie theatre in Regensburg, being opened in the 1920s. And it’s very central, close to the Bismarckplatz.

What I personally like about Garbo is the mix of movies. They have a special called “80/70/60… years ago” showing movies of that decade. They show selected blockbusters but also arthouse films. Regularly they stream movies in the original language. Just check the program.

Garbo and Ostentor-Kino both belong to a connection of four old movie theatres in the old town called “Altstadtkinos”. You can find out more about them on the homepage. Let’s all support the underdogs of movie theatres with their nostalgic charm and culture and enjoy movies with style!

Weißgerbergraben 11a
93047 Regensburg


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