Stenz Eis – There Is Always Room For Ice Cream

stenz.jpgSome say they have the best ice cream in town. As a matter of fact, you can’t miss the Stenz on summer days because of the queue. The ice cream is worth to wait for – different creations made of natural ingredients will make your sweet tooth happy.

I especially like the try-it-blob. Every ice cream order is followed by the question: „What do you want to try?“ And from the type you have chosen, you will get a small portion on top of your cornet.

The best place to enjoy your ice cream is the Bismarckplatz next to the Stenz. Just sit down at one of the fountains, benches or the stairs, indulge in your ice cream at watch the people passing by.

NOTE: in the winter time, you won’t find ice cream there but macarons!

Stenz Eis
Bismarckplatz 9
93047 Regensburg

Find Stenz Eis on facebook for more information.



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