Top 3 Squares of Regensburg

The medieval old town of Regensburg has two very dominant characteristics: the small streets and the spacious squares in between. While you walk through the streets, the squares are where life happens. So today, I want to share with you my personal Top 3 Squares in Regensburg and also give you some hints what the locals actually do there.

1. Bismarckplatz

bismarckplatz.jpgThis one really is the place to be on warm summer evenings. In 1885, the square was named after the german chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The architecture you see there goes back to the beginning of the 18th century. In the north, you have the theatre of the city, in the south, there is the so-called Präsidialpalais which today is home to the city’s music school. In front of each building, you have fountains – and many cafés and space to sit and relax and observe your surroundings.

This is basically what everyone in Regensburg does: Sit in one of the cafés OR grab a beer to go at the street counter of Neue Filmbühne OR get a delicious ice cream at Stenz OR bring a blanket and your own stuff – and then simply find a place to sit, enjoy whatever you have and dive into the summer feeling.

2. Domplatz

domplatzDomplatz – at least for me – is not so much a place for the night but a place for the morning. Especially on Saturdays, it is a real treat to get your breakfast at the weekly market around the corner and then sit in the sun on the south side of the cathedral. Because the Dom is not only amazing to look at, it is also amazing to lean on!

The perfect place for this is across from the statue of King Ludwig I. on his horse. The statue was set up at the beginning of the 19th century to show gratitude to Ludwig I. who was very committed to the restoration of old buildings and the completion of the cathedral, which, by the way, took, with breaks in between, from 1237 till 1870. So with history in front of you and against your back, your morning coffee will be unforgettable.

3. Neupfarrplatz

neupfarrplatzFinally, there is Neupfarrplatz. It is one of the biggest Squares in Regensburg with the church Neupfarrkirche right in the middle. In December, it hosts one of Regensburg’s Christmas markets. And also in the summer, there are often small festivals and markets taking place there.

What I like about this place is that street musicians are very likely to play there and fill the air with music. Depending on their talent, it can be very special to hang out there on a very special location: the outline of a synagogue.

Neupfarrplatz used to be the jewish district of the town which was destroyed in the medieval times. The outline was built by an Israeli right where they found the ruins of the former synagogue. And it was build like this to make history accessible – and bring it to life. So hop right in.


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